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My adult life has been pelted with dark, difficult, and life-altering encounters.

In my early 20s, I was a newly divorced single-mother working hard to make a name for myself as a trainer and nutritionist while doing everything possible to provide for my daughter. After several years of white-knuckling life on my own and wondering if it would be possible to love again, I found my husband Chris.

Life was looking bright again.

While I was expecting our youngest daughter and just two years after assuming a new lease on life, my dearest friend was brutally murdered in a domestic violence attack. My world was completely rocked. I found myself living in a deep pit of darkness and despair once again. While that shocking and life-altering loss was ever-present in my heart and mind, my husband and I received the devastating news that our youngest daughter congenital heart disease and would need surgery very soon. Her heart condition is something our family will deal with for the rest of our lives. Once again, I was down, but not out.

You may be wondering how I can smile and laugh with so much tragedy in the air. Rising up and pushing back is what I was made to do, friend. Through wisdom, counsel, prayer, and emerging from my own darkness to encourage others - I am changed, but not broken; I have scars, but they don’t disable me; I am alive, I am strong, and I have hope.

Through rising-up out of my own darkness, I am here to spread that message of hope to others.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve met countless clients and many others in the trenches - offering a hand-up from the physical and emotional roadblocks hindering their own health and wellness journey. Though I may be a trainer and nutritionist by profession, I’ve realized that changing our physical bodies is only a very small piece of the equation. Our mindset including the way we speak to ourselves, treat our bodies, and how we engage with others matters. It matters so much.

When we consider whole-body health, there’s much more to feeling and looking our best.

It’s my personal mission to empower and encourage others by sharing a message of hope and life-changing positivity. I’ve been able to carry this message worldwide by way of speaking engagements; global missions; and bootcamps.

Using a heart-centered approach, I work with groups and organizations to present a consistent and easy to digest message that leads others to whole body health and healing.

I’m looking forward to encouraging your group.

From my own personal darkness and my experience with others, I am committed to encouraging everyone I meet to do better and live healthier - mind, body, and soul.

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