Ready? Set? Hydrate!

Looks like you need a drink!

No seriously...we all need a drink (of water, that is) way more often than we realize. My family and I are freaks about water consumption. Of course, these hot Texas summers help, but we are committed not only to fueling our body with appropriate nutrition but also to staying properly hydrated as well. Hydration is a whole-body benefit and keeps everything from your hair to your fitness goals in check! 

Will you know if you're dehydrated?

Guess what else? If you wait until you're thirsty, you're already experiencing early signs of dehydration. Cleveland Clinic has a great post on combatting and preventing dehydration. This is critical life info y'all! You want to be able to help yourself or someone else in the event of dehydration. It can be so super serious. 


You still need to learn more about hydration

I've put together a hydration fact list to help you get all the water you need so you can be game-on in the world of H20. Ready to learn? Let's do this...

  • When you wake up - drink 16-20oz of cold water. If that makes you nauseous to start, begin with 8oz and increase daily until you're consuming 16-20oz each morning. This process will jump-start your metabolism and get your day off to the right start.
  • Do you know how much water to drink? I have some simple formulas to help you figure it out. See below...

Let's calculate your water goal together

• Divide your weight in half. 
• Add 8 oz. for every 15 minutes of exercise or time in the heat (outdoors/summer time/etc). Drink ______ ounces of water throughout the day.

Nursing moms: Add an additional ounce for every 2 ounces pumped. If you are breastfeeding directly, drink an additional ounce for every 10 minutes. 

Example: Patricia weighs 140 lbs. Her daily water minimum is 70 oz. On the days Patricia exercises for 30 minutes, she needs an additional 16oz. of water. Patricia also played with her children outside, in the heat, for 15 minutes - meaning she needs an additional 8 oz. of water. Therefore, on this particular day, Patricia's water goal is 94 oz. The 16-20 oz before breakfast counts toward this goal.

Download your own water goal worksheet to track your progress each day. Remember our post on progress? Yeah, water consumption totally counts!

Effortless ways to get your H20

  • Keep enough water bottles on-hand to meet your daily water consumption goal. Have them filled the night before so all you have to do is drink up the next day!
  • Buy fun water bottles that are just for you! You could even order them personalized with motivational messages from Etsy and other online stores. 
  • Keep track - don't forget to log your daily water intake. You can do that on the worksheet provided here; in your own wellness journal; or, with an app like Water Logged.
  • Try a straw! Some people with sensitive teeth don't even realize that the effect of cold water on their pearly whites is why they have trouble getting their daily H20. A straw will help get the water down quickly and pain-free. I have found with myself and my clients, even who don't have sensitive teeth, drink water more efficiently throughout the day when using a straw. Maybe because it feels fancy?
  • Add a lemon, cucumber or some mint! Infusing your water with a small amount of fresh fruit will also add interest. Remember, no sugar! Kool-Aid doesn't count as your daily water intake. 
  • Challenge a friend! Everyone likes a little friendly competition. Challenge your friend or family member to a hydration contest. Whoever meets their goals by the end of the week or month gets a cool (non-food) reward. You decide what that is and let us know in the comments. 

So, how are you going to improve? 

Tell us in the comments, at least one thing you can do to improve your daily water consumption.