Fitness Accountability

Are you ready for fitness accountability?

Y'all know what's coming, don't you? Summer. When it shows up, we're either going to be ready or sorry. Are you ready to shed that winter weight and feel amazing when it comes to shorts and swimsuits this year? It's not only time to start working on your physical health and fitness, but your confidence also! It all works together. Here are five quick tips you can keep in mind to stay accountable and follow through with your health and fitness goals this year.


So, why does fitness accountability matter?

Surely we’ve all taken tests in our lives. Your fitness journey can be much like classroom learning. You may have to reset all of your exercise habits and everything you know about nutrition in order to grow and make progress. This is just a learning process, y’all. You will likely be tested (not in the traditional sense, though) and challenged on a daily basis at first. Just as you wouldn’t take a test without accountability (we see y’all tryin’ to cheat) you need accountability for the fitness and nutrition challenges in life, also!! Let’s break down how to gain fitness accountability while on your way to mastering optimum fitness and nutrition!

Five ways to maintain fitness accountability…

  1. Get a workout buddy. That’s right. Call the friend you know will (at least) text you to get on those early morning or after-work workouts. Better yet, find someone who will commit to working out alongside you!

  2. Journal. I preach this to ALL my clients and Konfident Body Club members. If you want to be successful, you have to be aware. Not journaling your food is equivalent to writing check after check from your bank account without checking the balance.

  3. Schedule. Much like you’d schedule anything else (doctor appointments, hair appointments, projects) schedule your workouts! I advise my clients and Club members to take it one step further that “workout at 6am.” Schedule yourself down to the muscle group so you can be consistent and effective as you train (ex: back and biceps, Monday at 6am).

  4. Keep track of goals. Your fitness and nutrition goals don’t always have to come by way of the scale. In fact, most of them will not! Make a list of goals for yourself and check them off as you get them done. Some of these goals may include: drink more water; plan meals; eat out only 1x per week; limit alcohol; lose inches; lose pounds; fit into old clothes...etc.

  5. Join a club. It’s true, there’s definitely more accountability when you’re surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals who are on your same journey! This is why I developed Konfident Body Club. I noticed that my friends, family and clients needed more than just once a week training or a fitness program. Konfident Body Club takes fitness accountability one step further and helps busy people like you, at every turn!

Here is a link to a quick TV segment done on accountability:

I hope these tips were helpful to you as you work to gain fitness accountability. Please reach out with any questions or comments you may have. We’re here for you!!


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