Should you be circuit training?

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One of my FAVORITE parts about being a personal trainer (both online and in-person) is helping clients design individual workout programs that WILL get them to their health and fitness goals. My DVD series, Keridon’s Fat Krusher, contains several circuit training workouts and this type of training is one of my favorite ways to stay in shape. I love how it sculpts your body in a unique way and works wonders for building endurance. Let me tell you a little more about it….

What is circuit training?

  • When you do a series of exercises back-to-back (with little rest, less than 30 seconds). Example: Exercise A, B, C, D, E. Then repeat A, B, C, D, E etc. (I recommend 3-4 sets).
  • Typically, circuits are full-body workouts.
  • Order matters - you need to be consistent about the order of your exercises, keeping circuits consistent, to achieve maximum and regulated results.
  • Circuit training is difficult to do in a gym because you often have to wait on machines. If you’re circuit training in the gym, it’s best to use the free-weights area. You can also grab the equipment you need and go into a separate area of the gym where you can workout without interruption. If you’re like me, you might prefer to do your circuits AT HOME! Home workouts can be just as effective as going to the gym. They are big time savers, money savers, AND you get to be comfortable working out in the convenience of your own home.

Is circuit training for you? Let’s find out!

Who benefits from circuit training?

  • Circuit training is better for endurance over strength.
  • Circuit training is great for toning and weight loss.
  • Circuit training is great for keeping your heart rate up - therefore, not a lot of cardio is needed. SO AWESOME!
  • If you’re trying to bulk up - you want a lot of rest between each set. Circuit training is not the best option for you.
  • A true circuit takes about 8-15 minutes. I recommend resting 60-90 seconds in between each circuit. Do you like quick workouts? I sure do.

Now that you know about circuit training, are you ready to give it a try?

I’d love to chat with you about how you can incorporate circuit training into your fitness plan. Be sure to follow me @keridonfitness across social media for more information on circuit training and other great ideas to get your sweat on in fun and effective ways. Send me a message or just order a copy of Keridon’s Fat Krusher if quick, effective workouts are your thing! Y’all will love my quick circuit training videos that are sure to change your whole body.