Fighting Food Addiction - My Story

Real talk, y'all. I’m a Certified Master Trainer. I’m a nutritionist. I’m a fitness model. I struggle with food addiction. Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that fitness professionals struggle, too. Just like you!

Food addiction and I go way back.

I can remember having issues with food addiction as early as junior high. Maybe some of you are in the same boat? I struggled through high school and college – purposefully binge eating knowing that I was going to throw it up afterward.

I was diagnosed with Compulsive Overeating Disorder. Through my college coursework, majoring in exercise physiology with a minor in nutrition and dietetics, I began embracing food as fuel.

My food addiction is under control now.

I do find myself back in familiar territory with the temptation to binge, around the holidays, which are so food-centered. However, I use the tips below to reign it back in and make sure I get my bearings back in line before I digress into old habits. I hope these will be helpful to you, too.

Check out my tips for avoiding food addiction relapse:

  • Start a food journal. The awareness will help divert food addiction tendencies because you are constantly aware of what you’re doing. This can be done in a paper journal; a notebook or even on your phone! No excuses. Take the journal everywhere you go!

  • Accountability. Get in an accountability group or pick an accountability partner.  Having a partner or group who is aware of your goals can help you combat food addiction issues and the urge to binge.

  • Get Adequate Sleep. When you are sleeping well, your metabolism will be stronger; your mental clarity will be better; you will have more energy and you will be motivated to make better decisions.

  • Pray. We are all weak in the flesh, friends! In our moments of weakness, we can turn to God in prayer instead of turning to food. This absolutely helps! Give your burdens to him.

If you’re looking for an accountability group, I'd love for you to join my Krushers - an online community of people (lead by yours truly) who support one another along their health and fitness journeys. Ready for instant accountability? Sign up to be a KRUSHER now! Click here.