Keeping Your Fitness On Track When Traveling

Hitting the road, but want to stay in check with your fitness and nutrition goals?

It starts when you book your hotel – ask if there's a gym on the property. If there is, ask for a room near it. You might think that you'd be fine walking through the hotel to get to the gym, but realistically, it's easy to ignore it and not want to walk that far. If your room is close, it will be harder to avoid.

If your hotel doesn't have a gym, you'll want to pack your exercise bands. You can get a full body workout right in your room with them, plus they are lightweight and travel well. Check out this video of an exercise band workout to get started.

Eating when you're away from home can be difficult, but if you invest in a good travel cooler, you can keep your nutrition on track. My favorite is a FitMark Bag. I even keep this in the car with me on road trips.

For breakfast, here's a simple idea. (If its not easy, I'm not doing it.) Fill individual baggies with ½ cup of oats. Hotels normally have coffee and tea available for guests, which gives you fast access to hot water. Grab a cup, pour in your oats, add your water, then let sit for a few minutes, and you have breakfast. Boom! Easy AND cheap!

For lunches and diners, a little meal prep can go a long way. Chicken, green beans, asparagus, and other veggies travel well. Frozen meals, like these from, are also great options.

Be sure to measure water, gels, liquids, and pastes – they must be under 3 ounces and stored properly if you're carrying them on board a plane.

Maintain your bedtime if you can. Sleep is crucial to keeping a healthy mind and body, and getting off-schedule can make you miserable.

When you're eating out, make good decisions! Choose leaner grilled meat, like chicken, when you can. Keep red meat at a minimum – too much can affect digestion.

Ordering dessert or a large meal? Share it with a dining companion, or ask for the restaurant to box half of it before you're served. This will help you enjoy a few bites of something indulgent without throwing you too off track.

If you're on vacation or a special trip, it's okay to enjoy yourself and relax, but don't let it completely sidetrack you from your goals. Save your off days and splurges for truly special times, or that vacay dessert place you've always wanted to try. 

Want more advice for traveling smart?

Check out my Periscope video here for more tips and tricks for staying on track while traveling.