Yes, you CAN have a healthy Thanksgiving!

Eat healthy this Thanksgiving with Keridon Fitness. Stay on your diet this thanksgiving.

I'm all about enjoying Thanksgiving, but before the cranberries hit your grandma's card tables, I need you to know something. Thanksgiving is just ONE DAY, y'all. Sadly, a lot of us continue grazing well through the weekend and even the next week. 

Guess what that means? A few rotten days nutrition-wise can make a big difference in the way you feel, your motivation, and it can even derail the progress you made prior to T-Day. I have some Turkey Day tips, though, to keep you going strong through this food-focused holiday.

Have a Healthy Thanksgiving by following these quick tips:

  • Load up on veggies and turkey (I'm not talking about sweet potato casserole, y'all) and eat those things FIRST to prevent binge eating. 
  • Take SMALL (like a spoonful) portions of your favorite casseroles, desserts and your other favorites. This will give you a taste with out leaving you feeling deprived or sorry.
  • Eat until you're full, not until you hate yourself. Seriously. Have the meal, and be done. 
  • Get your sweat on BEFORE the big meal. Starting your day with a workout (even a quick 20 minutes) will help you burn calories and get in the fitness mindset right off the bat. 
  • Take a walk before the tryptophan kicks in. This will help you kick some calories AND  prevent you from the urge to binge on desserts and leftover dinner rolls. 
  • Don't forget your water! Seriously. Your body needs water and not only will drinking it keep you hydrated and healthy - it will also help prevent over eating. 

Ya'll can do this. Let's KRUSH it together!