Before Photos

Before Photo Instructions:

There are many reasons I ask you to do 'before' pictures. These pictures will be a great way for us to mark your progress and accomplishments later down the road. Studies show that women who take before pictures are 70% more successful than those who don't. I would be doing you a disservice if I did not ask you to take these photos.

Let me assure you these photos will stay private until the day comes that you are so proud of your 'after' photos that you choose to show them side by side.

Four pictures to send in:

1. Front

2. Side (with one arm back enough that we will be able to see how much your waist goes down)

3. Back with arms down

4. Back with arms up (this will really show those arm muscles in your after photos)

I wish I had done my before pictures with my arms up because there was such a difference in my muscle tone. I know you will be glad you did!! Email photos to