Keridon's Fat Krusher™ has helped hundreds of people get fit in the comfort of their own homes! Will you be next?

We know you don't have extra time to spend at the gym...

Keridon's Fat Krusher™ is guaranteed to get you sweaty in very little time. These workouts were created by Certified Master Trainer, Keridon (a business owner and mom of three), who wanted to find a solution for busy people who just don't have time to get to the gym. 

Maximize your BURN time with strength training! 

These workouts range between 10 and 32 minutes. The DVD set includes two 25 day programs (beginner and advanced) designed to guide you through which workouts are recommended on what days and in what order - taking out all the guesswork! Most of the workouts use free-weights and body-strength exercised, design to maximize caloric burn while sculpting your body from head-to-toe. Even if you've never utilized this kind of workout before, Keridon's easy-to-follow DVD will have you enjoying every minute. (PS. I promise, this DVD will not leave you bulky!). We are going to highlight your natural body shape and sculpt to perfection.