How I Started In Home Training

Did y’all have a good mother’s day? I sure did. Spending time with my husband and kids is the highlight of my life and (real talk) those crazy people at home are THE REASON I took a major leap of faith and started my own business after working in a gym for nearly a decade.

Can I tell you a little more about my story?

Before I had my own business, I worked in a gym for seven years. During that time, I watched and listened as my clients worked out – quickly realizing that many of them weren’t down with gym-life. I mean, you’re either a gym rat or you’re not, right? They were uncomfortable – feeling like other people watched as they exercised; they were discouraged by lack of available equipment; and, many struggled to get there at a decent hour and be there consistently. During my gym years, I worked up to Master Trainer and won many awards. Despite my achievements, I was having a struggle of my own. I was losing out at home. I was missing time with my toddler and ended up skipping many of my own workouts as well. I saw a need among my clients and my family needed me, for sure. I was determined to find a way to serve clients, as a nationally certified trainer, in their own homes and give my family the support they deserve as well. This change-of-pace and atmosphere would allow my clients to save time and be more comfortable. Also? I got a lot more time with my daughter - a win-win for everyone.

My in-home training program exploded – in a great way. I was booking all kinds of busy mamas, but my planner pages (I’m still a pen and paper girl) were overflowing and I just didn’t have the personal capacity to serve everyone who needed me. In true Keridon-fashion, I was bound and determined to serve these clients. It wasn’t a “would like to” it was a “must-do.” Changing lives is my passion and I wholeheartedly believe “where there’s a will; there’s a way.” If you know me for more than half-a-second, you will see my ‘will.’ Pinky swears on that.

So, as a result of my over-scheduled life and a huge need from the women emailing and calling asking for help – I created Fit From Home (designed for women). I started these programs because I can serve people in my hometown of Houston, but also across the nation and even internationally while preserving and protecting that time with my family. As some of you know, Fit From Home is a 30-day program filled with quick and effective video-based workouts; nutrition support and an amazing community of like-minded ladies who offer support 24/7!

Hundreds of ladies have been helped through the Fit From Home; think of it like having a trainer, nutritionist, and your own crew of supporters lined up and ready to go all the time. I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from on this one. Does that sound like something that would help you? I’d love to tell you more about it. Check out our Fit From Home page, here.

I truly hope your Mother’s Day was awesome! Keep krushin’ it, friends!!

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone


Each week, my Krushers group gets a nutrition, fitness or lifestyle challenge. This week, I asked the Krushers to step out of their comfort zone and try something new in the food department. Trying something outside our comfort zone usually adds a little ick-factor as our body and mind figure out what’s going on. But, as y’all know -  no pain, no gain! It’s so important to step out and try new things to avoid ruts; to expand our palate (especially if you’re picky - and I know some of y’all are) and endurance. It’s a great opportunity to prove to ourselves that we are capable and strong!

Being in your comfort zone is easy; there is a sense of familiarity, security and certainty. When we step outside that boundary box, we’re taking a risk and opening ourselves up to the possibility of stress, anxiety (ain’t nobody got time for that) and possible failure; we’re not quite sure what will happen or how we’ll react. It’s when we put one running shoe out on that ledge, though, and take a risk that we so often get that golden-ticket!

As kids, we are natural risk-takers (our kids show us that all the time - mamas, you know what I mean???).  As adults, though, it’s a little harder to say…..OK, I’ll try it.  As we age and learn to fear failure, we start holding ourselves back and attempting fewer new things. In my 14 years of experience, I have found that challenging yourself keeps you young and agile. It keeps your confidence up. It also makes you wonder - What else can I do? How much further than I go? How high can I jump?

The Krushers challenge this week was to try a new fruit and share their experience. Some of our members even got their kids involved - we all know kids will keep you accountable.  

Here are four more ways to step out of your comfort zone:

  1. If you are a runner: Try weight lifting. You can take it outside if you prefer the outdoors.

  2. If you are a weightlifter: Go for a run! The Couch to 5K App is great for beginners.

  3. Step Up Your Water Game: Set a goal to drink half of your body weight. Instead of drinking out of a water bottle, add water to a pitcher. You can also add fruit to make it pretty and flavorful.

  4. Switch your workout time: Do you always workout after school or work? For one week, wake up an hour earlier to get in a workout. Compare how you feel working out in the morning versus the evening.


Quick tips for krushing your morning workouts!

Hey y’all! I hope you had an AWESOME Christmas with your families. Are you a morning person? I have NO PROBLEM getting up to train my clients first thing in the morning, but getting up to do my own workouts first thing is another story.

Real talk about morning workouts.

It takes A LOT of motivation to roll out of bed and hit the weights (even if you’re a trainer, like me!). Even though this is a sticky situation for a lot of us, I have some tips for making early morning workouts a little easier to get to.

Morning Workouts - Let's get 'em done!

1.   Lay out your clothes the night before (or, sleep in your workout clothes). The fewer decisions you have to make in the morning, the quicker you can get going.

2.   Plan your workout the night before.

  • If you’re doing a DVD, have it in the DVD player already.
  • If you’re using a written out plan/program, have it printed or written out in a place you can easily get to it.

3.   Set MULTIPLE alarms. Personally (real talk, here) I set three alarms. You can physically put your alarm in another room so you have to get up and get going to turn it off (ain’t nobody gonna listen to an alarm going off in the next room forever!)

4.   Put your phone in another room before bed. I know how it works! You get a notification, then you have to check all your other apps and messages. Then, just before you put your phone down, you get ANOTHER notification. Then, what happens? The madness starts over. Give yourself a limit (example, 10:00pm) and put the phone away for the night. The sky is not going to fall if you put your phone away and go to sleep with notifications left on your screen. Just do it!

5.   Get an accountability partner. We’re much more likely to show up and give it our best when another person or group is depending on us to do so. There is strength in numbers, for reals!  If you need an accountability group – my Fit From Home program is a fantastic way to have built-in accountability (on your schedule and from the comfort of your own home!).

I hope you can put these tips to use and KNOCK OUT some awesome morning workouts in 2016! The sooner you get it done during the day, the less time you have to think about it.

Keep krushing it!!


Your Fit Gift Guide!

Do you have friends or family members left to shop for?

Maybe you want to pick up a little fitness motivator or reward for yourself (you know I approve of that!).I've put together a list of AWESOME fitness-related gift ideas that your friends and family will LOVE to find under the tree!

Hope you find something for everyone left on your list!